Eco-Friendly Packaging

Diversified Foods, Inc. strives to provide the most environmentally responsible packaging.

Renew, Reduce and Recycle (the 3R's).

Renew: Our Shelf Stable product packaging has a high content of renewable materials (70% paper). Responsibly sourced, growing forests provide wood and fiber for our products. New trees are planted to replace harvested trees which provide the paper for packaging. None of the fiber in our products come from rainforests, old-growth wood, illegally harvested wood or high conservation forests. Cans and bottles are made with 0% renewable resources.

Reduce: Because aseptic packaging does not require refrigeration, no energy is wasted in cooling during distribution, and storage. Cartons create less waste because they are made with less material and are more space-efficient. Our milk packaging has a great product to package ratio of 96% product and only 4% package. Our creamers have a ratio of 93% product and 7% package. As a result, the carbon footprint of our products rank quite low. Translation: Fewer trucks are needed to deliver the same amount of product, resulting in fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycle: Our cartons are recyclable! For more information and to determine if carton recycling is available in your area check out:

Our Grade “A” milks are packaged using Tetra Pak technology. Tetra Pak strives to provide SMART and environmentally responsible packaging. Read more here: